Welcome to our Computer Lab!

    Learning computer parts and terms, word processing, creating databases and spreadsheets, Power Point presentations and Internet Research are some of the skills our students work on throughout the school year. We use "learning" games to improve reading, math, social studies, science, and writing.

    Technology Integration allows us to research electronically,
    travel virtually, and explore globally!




    4th and 5th Grade Lunch and Learn Form! 

    Lunch and Learn

  • Computer Lab Rules

    These rules are intended to make the most of our computer class time, allowing instruction and performance to be optimal. Let's have fun!

    1. Please enter quietly, sit at computer with hands in your lap, and wait for instructions before you begin work.
    2. Listen carefully and follow directions. If you do not understand or have a question, raise your hand immediately.
    3. Show respect for others...always use good manners.
    4. Talking should be kept to a minimum (no talking while directions are being given).
    5. Check and clean workstation before leaving.
    6. Exit quietly as not to disturb other classes.