• AR program

    In first grade, the students start becoming involved in the Accelerated Reader program. Click on the book to read more about this program.
  • AR goals and book club

    At the mid-term point and end of 9 weeks, there will be a prize or reward given to those students who meet their AR goal for that 9 week period. The goal for the 1st 9 weeks in 1st grade is scoring 85% on sight word tests. I will post the other goals as the other 9 weeks approach.


    AR Book Club

    The AR book club is just within my classroom.  This is purely the child's decision.  It is their choice to participate, just like it is their choice read AR books and take AR tests.  I will not be putting any pressure on them to read AR books or take tests.  I want it to be their choice so when they reach a goal, they feel pride in themselves.  In order to pass an AR test, the child needs to make 80% or higher on an AR test.  Below you will find an explanation of the book club.

    Mrs. Smith's Accelerated Reader

      Book Clubs


    What is the Accelerated Reader program?  It is a nationally recognized computerized reading program used to motivate, manage, and assess literature-based reading.  Students can select A.R. books from the school library that are specially marked as "A.R."  After reading the book, the students can then test their knowledge and comprehension by answering multiple-choice questions on the computer.



    5 BOOK CLUB (Read and pass 5 A.R. books):

    Pizza Hut pizza coupon 


    10 BOOK CLUB (Read and pass 10 A.R. books):

    Prize from the prize box


    15 Book Club (Read and pass 15 A.R. books):

    Texas Roadhouse Certificate


    25 BOOK CLUB (Read and pass 25 A.R. Tests):

    Lunch and a movie in the classroom


    50 BOOK CLUB (Read and pass 50 A.R. Tests):

    Eat ice cream free of charge


    75 BOOK CLUB (Read and pass 75 A.R. Tests):

    Pick from a book order to get a free book


    100 BOOK CLUB (Read and pass 100 A.R. Tests):

    Go out to eat dinner with the teacher at Pizza Hut

     Teacher's treat!!