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    Please practice the following list of sight words. (We call them popcorn words in class).  They are the required kindergarten words from our reading series.  I will be testing each student individually at the end of each week. 
    Week 1:  a, am_____________Week 2:  my, is

    Week 3:  the, his____________Week 4:  I, so

    Week 5:  like, up____________Week 6:  it, at

    Week 7:  go, this____________    Week 8:  we, and

    Week 9:  come, in___________     Week 10:  on, with

    Week 11:  to, can___________      Week 12:  not, said

    Week 13:  you, big__________      Week 14:  have, was

    Week 15:  they, run_________       Week 16:  do, yes

    Week 17:  what, he_________        Week 18:  he, what

    Week 19:  will, me__________        Week 20:  no, out

    Week 21:  see, get, has______         Week 22:  from, of, she

    Week 23:  look, all, did     _____       Week 24:  now, her, make

    Week 25:  saw, here, little____         Week 26:  for, where, some

    Week 27:  there, night, again______Week 28:  because, are, down

    *Challenge Words:      day, does, why, after, other, father, give, going, want, one, first, eat




    • We also learn to recognize color and words: white, purple, orange, green, brown, red, blue, pink, black, yellow, gray.
    • We learn to read number words zero-ten.
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    • All students must learn to recognize, write and say the sounds for all letters of the alphabet
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    *Counting to 100
    *Recognize and write numbers 0-30