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      Davenport A+ School


    " Teaching the way children learn.  Learning the way that each children finds.  Connecting the way through the arts.  Supporting the minds with open hearts."


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    "Be yourself, who else is better qualified."


    "Never give up."


    "Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean."

  • The Journey


    Being a member of a quest requires that all the individuals know each other well enough so that a trusting and inspiring team can emerge and trek the course. We have mapped the course to catch the "winds of knowledge" that will carry us toward the horizon- The End of Grade Test and to become life long learners. For the journey to become a success you have to know and trust your conductor. I hope you'll enjoy getting to know me and I look forward to making this rip with you and your child this year.
    Family: Married to Steve Norman
    Children: 2 daughters and 1 step-daughter
    Likes: Geocaching, Kenny Chesney, gardening, quilting, snowmen, flowers Sundrop, The Discovery Channel, cats and Maddie, our dog


    Dislikes: peas, high heel shoes and flies

    Birthday: February 6


     Pets:  Rascal (cat)  Maddie (dog) 

     Favorite Restaurant: Carrabba's Italian Grill

     Favorite time of the year: Fall/Spring






  • 2012-2013 Supply List


    Please bring the following supplies with you on the first day of school.

    * 2 boxes of colored pencils (12pk)

     * Five plastic 2-pocket folders in a variety of colors ( 3 clamps in the middle)

    * 1 box of #2 pencils

    * Three packs of loose leaf paper

     * 1 zippered pencil pouch

    * 1 Marble Composition Notebook ( typically black / white cover)

    * Pocket Thesaurus

     *  2 spiral notebooks

    * Hand held pencil sharpener

    * Bookbag ( no rollers)

    Often  I am asked what other supplies the classroom can benefit from. I hope this additional list will help to guide you. * Boxes of Kleenex * Clorox Wipes * Individually wrapped candy * Computer paper * Paper Towels * Stickers * Pencils * ziplock bags

  • 2015- 2016 Supply List

    2- boxes of colored pencils (12 pk)

    7- two pocket 3 clamp plastic folders

     1- pack of #2 pencils

     3- packs loose leaf paper

     1- zippered pencil pouch

     1- hand held pencil sharpener

    1- book bag (no rollers)

    1-thumb drive/ flash drive

     I am often asked what other supplies the classroom can use. I hope this additional list will guide you. *Individullay wrapped candy *Computer paper *Pencils *Stickers *Paper towels *Clorox Wipes * Kleenex *zip lock bags

  • Lunch and Connect Schedule

    Classroom Schedule 2015-2016

    7:50-8:30 Good Morning- unpack and get ready for the day

    8:30- 9:30 Language Arts

    9:35--10:40 Science

    10:45-11:55 Math

    12;00- 12:40 IE time

    12:45- 1:05 Lunch/ bathroom

    1:10-1:40 SS/Outside/

    1:45-2:25 Connect

    2:30 Dismissal

    Smart Block Schedule

    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Drama

    Wednesday: Smart Block

    Thursday: PE

    Friday: Art