Lateral Entry Modules Information


    You have been directed to this site by your mentor because you are a lateral entry teacher.


     Caldwell County Schools provides a two-week orientation that includes:

    • Lesson Planning,

    • Classroom Organization,

    • Classroom management, including positive management of student behavior, effective communication for defusing and deescalating disruptive or dangerous behavior, and safe and appropriate use of seclusion and restraint,

    • An overview of the ABCs Program including the standard course of study and end-of-grade and end-of-course testing, and

    • The identification and education of children with disabilities. 


    In addition to either the face-to-face orientation you attended or the on-line district orientation modules you completed, these lateral entry modules will fulfill this requirement and enable you to familiarize yourself with your content area standards, to learn strategies for standards-based lesson planning, to learn how to manage your classroom, and to become more familiar with North Carolina's expectations for professional educators and how you will be evaluated.


    We encourage you to discuss these modules with your mentor as you work through each one.  When you have completed each module, please email your answers to your mentor. If you have questions or need help, please ask your mentor.  Don't forget to arrange for your mentor to come and observe you teaching the lesson you planned in the Lesson Planning Module.


    Lateral Entry Modules


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