• What I want students to be able to do

    "Think" instead of "Memorize"

    Visit a museum

    Read a book

    Keep a Journal

    Present historical information and arguments to the class (peers)

    Analyze a song in American History and find its meaning (historical and personal)

    Work purposefully in their work

    Write a really good historical story

    Understand that history is 'human'

    Develop tools for effective Citizenship (Creativity, Common Sense, Wisdom, Dedication, honesty, teamwork, Hard work, How to win and lose, Fair play, and Life-long learning)

    Be creative and inventive

    Work well with others

    March in the hall


    Feel history - as a reaction to human emotion and courageous acts

    Do things with purpose and meaning which will help us relfect on the past and the present

    Remember, that our faces are our autobiographies


    What do I not want to do with students

    Be unfair or unjust

    Give a grade just to give it

    Be 'shallow' with instruction

    Overwork them

    Overwork myself