• Please study sight words with your child each night, students will be tested at the end of each month. 

    September                                  November                    January     

    a   yellow   like                                  with  have    on                    for  white  five

    my   at   to                                        on    brown  three                she  his     jump

    the   see   can                                    no   am      up                    where run  down

    I   can  and                                        big  little   look   me            six


    October                                       December                    February  

    is   black   orange                              play  here   red                    pink  seven  went

    said   zero   two                                 you   he     yes                    will    they    are

    we   in   it                                         come  four  not                     of     out      her

    go                                                    got                                       away