• What is School Nursing?

    Schools Nurses are medical professionals who work inconjunction with faculty and staff to meet health related challenges of students, making a difference in attendance, student achievements, and drop-out rates.

    Roles of the School Nurse Identified by the School Nurse's Associaition of North Carolina:

    Appropriate Referrals to School Nurse:

    • Helps to develop school health policies.
    • Makes sure that policies and procedures adhere to laws and standards of nursing practice.
    • Monitors students' compliance with state immunization laws.
    • Monitors communicable diseases.
    • Refers students with health problems for care.
    • Serves as liaison and resource person between home, school and community/service organizations.
    • Coordinates health care in school for students with chronic conditions.
    • Health care needs of students
    • Children at risk of academic failure or out of home placement related to their health needs
    • Need for Emergency Action/Individual Health Plans for Medical Diagnosis 
    • Vision/Dental Care & Follow-up
    • Immunizations
    • Chronic Absences
    • Pregnancy/Parenting Concerns
    • Access to needed community health resources including financial assistance
    • Mental Health Concerns
    • Medications (any student taking medications)
    • Problems identified on Kindergarten Physical Assessment Form
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