• Course Syllabus


    Welcome to American History 2 with Mrs. Schaffer-Greer. I am excited to teach and get to know you this semester. Communication is key to success in education and the world we live in today. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the semester. My contact information is listed below:

    Email: mschaffer@caldwellschools.com

    Phone: (828)396-2188 ext. 386301 (Planning Period from 12-1:15 pm daily)


    American History 2 is a required course to graduate high school in North Carolina. The state standards for American History 2 can be found at http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/curriculum/socialstudies/scos/. These state Essential Standards are what I follow for instruction in my class throughout the semester.  It is my goal that together we will grow as individuals and as learners this semester through the learning of our nation’s history while also helping you to become an informed citizen of the United States and the world. I strive to create a safe and positive learning environment for all students, while also encouraging growth, creativity, and an interest in this pertinent subject. Students who interrupt this environment will be subject to classroom discipline.

    Classroom Behavior: 

    In addition to following all Caldwell County Schools Student Rules, the following are rules for being a student in my classroom:

    •         Be Respectful

    o   This includes respecting items in the classroom, the classroom itself, any and all school officials, and your fellow classmates. Failure to behave in a respectful and mature manner will not be tolerated and can result in immediate administrative referral.

    o   Others’ work: plagiarism in any form will not be accepted and will result in an automatic ZERO with no option of make-up work and referral to administration.

    •         Be Responsible

    o   As young adults you must learn to take responsibility for both yourself and your education. This means owning up to your actions and behaviors, as well as understanding that you must take initiative for your own education. (For example, I will not find you to give you makeup work if you have missed class, you must come ask me for it.)

    •         Be Ready

    o   Arriving to class ready means with all necessary class materials and yourself.

    o   Bringing yourself to class means you must not have frequent absences and you must be present when in class (for example, not sleeping, texting, distracting others).

    Classroom Discipline:

    Classroom discipline will follow the below procedure:

    •         1st offense: verbal warning
    •         2nd offense: in class discipline
    •         3rd offense: contact parent or guardian
    •         4th offense: referral to administration


    Tests/Quizzes/Essays/Class Discussions/Projects: 60%

    Classwork/Bell Ringers/Homework/Class Participation: 40%

    • North Carolina Final Exam score counts for 20% of your Final Grade
    • Late work policy: Any work that is not turned in on time will receive a ⅓ letter grade deduction for every day the assignment is not turned in. If you need to miss class for a medical or family emergency please let me know as soon as possible so we can arrange for your work to be turned in without the deduction.

    Smart Lunch:

    Tutoring/Focus will be provided for students twice every week during both A and B Smart Lunch sessions. Students will be notified the week of via email if they have mandatory Focus (below a 70 grade average or below an 80 for honors classes). Failure to attend mandatory Smart Lunch tutoring can result in a phone call home and/or administrative referral. Smart Lunch tutoring is a great opportunity for students to make up missing work or get additional help with class assignments. There will also be extra credit opportunities offered during Smart Lunch throughout the semester.


    Personal use of technology in my classroom is not allowed. If students are using technology in class that device is subject to confiscation if the student does not put it away after being asked to do so. However, exceptions may be made for emergency situations. Communicate this need to me prior to using your device during my class.


    Occasionally clips of films and other media will be used in my class to supplement instruction. Some of these films may be rated PG-13 or R. I view all media and screen it for appropriateness prior to showing it in class. If you or your parent/guardian has any questions or concerns about these films please feel free to contact me about the matter. Examples of the types of films that may be shown in my class are (this list contains some but not all of the media that may be shown in class, other content may be added to this list, the entirety of films will not be played):

    •       Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee: A film on assimilation and the reservation system Native Americans encountered from the Battle of Little Bighorn through the Wounded Knee Massacre. (2007, TV-14)
    •         13th: A documentary on the impact of the 13th Amendment and changes in US policy toward incarceration overtime. (2016, TV-MA)


  • Grading Scale:

    A+ 99-100

    A   92-98

    A-  90-91

    B+ 88-89

    B   82-87

    B-  80-81

    C+ 78-79

    C   72-77

    C-  70-71

    D   60-69

    F    Below 60


    Grading Policies:

    Assignment Weights:

    Tests/Quizzes/Essays/Projects: 60%

    Classwork/Homework/Participation: 40%

    Late Work Policy:

    Any work that is not turned in on time will receive a ⅓ letter grade deduction for every day the assignment is not turned in.