• Services I provide...

    • Classroom Counseling Lessons for ALL students (bullying, mindfulness, tattling, making and keeping friends, respect, career exploration, personal space, etc.)
    • Small Group Counseling (grief, anxiety, perfectionism, divorce, etc.)
    • Individual 1:1 sessions about academic, personal and social/emotional issues

    Kids, I am here to help you with...

    • Adjusting to a new school
    • Dealing with peer pressure or bullying
    • Working well with others
    • Feeling good about yourself
    • Setting goals
    • Learning how to make decisions
    • Making and keeping friends
    • Managing your feelings (stress, worry, anger. etc.)

    Parents, I am always here to ...

    • Help explore ways to help your child succeed and feel successful
    • Supply resource materials
    • Help improve communication between you and your child

    Teachers, I am here to help with...

    • Developing plans for students with behavior or social issues
    • Brainstorming academic and behavioral interventions for the classroom
    • Providing strategies to use when interacting with students with emotional issues