1. Who qualifies for the Career and College Promise program?
      1. See Attachment D and Attachment E on the Career and College Promise Rules Book
    2. Do students require permission from West Caldwell High School to register for classes at CCC&TI?
      1. Yes, a high school principal and/or high school counselor must sign off on a permission form in order for any West Caldwell high school student to enroll in any given course. Permission forms are signed off on every semester a student enrolls. 
    3. Is Career and College Promise completely free?
      1. Tuition is waved for Career and College Promise students, saving families hundreds to even thousands of dollars over time, however, certain fees do apply in certain situations. Students and families receive more information upon completion of New Student Orientation.
    4. Are high school students in CCP held to the same academic standard as adult college students?
      1. Yes, absolutely. Through the lens of CCC&TI, CCP students are held to the same caliber as their peers in the college classes WCHS students are enrolled in.
      2. Click here for more information: Academic Progress and Standards
    5. Is orientation offered to New CCP students?
      1. Yes! Students interested in the CCP program must contact Ms. Varela for further support/information at adv.jvarela@caldwellschools.com, jvarela@cccti.edu, or 828-758-5583 Ext. 137
      2. Orientation will go over CCC&TI login information, book purchasing, parking permit pickup and so, so, so much more!