Request for Public Participation (Public Comment)

  • Per Board Policy 2310 Public Participation (Public Comment) at Board Meetings

    Each month, the first part of at least one regularly scheduled Board meeting will be set aside for citizens to address the Board through public comment.  The following guidelines will govern Public Comment:

    1. Individuals wishing to make public comment shall submit a written request to speak no later than 9:30 a.m. on the meeting date, using the form below.

    2. Each speaker shall be allotted three minutes.

    3. The Board will allow up to 21 minutes for public comment.  Speakers will be heard in the order in which they signed up.

    4. Substitute speakers will not be permitted, and speakers may not donate any portion of their time to another speaker. If a speaker cannot present all of the information within the specified time limit, the speaker may provide the Board with the additional information in written form. If an unusually large number of people requests to speak, a majority of the Board may decide to reduce the time for each individual or to require the designation of a spokesperson for each group of persons supporting or opposing the same positions.

    5. Student, personnel, or other matters that may be required by law to be kept confidential shall not be raised during the Public Comment period.  Please address these concerns to the Superintendent.

    Board members will not respond to individuals during Public Comment except to request clarification of points made by the presenter.

    Please complete the form below if you wish to request Public Comment.