• English IV- Honors

    Course Syllabus

    Amy Krum Room 356


    Planning 1st semester 1:30-3:00, 2nd semester 12:00-1:20

    828.396.2188 EXT. 256

    Common Core State Standards:

    • Reading—Literature and Informational
    • Writing—Argumentative, Expository, Narrative
    • Speaking and Listening
    • Language
    • Emphasis on European literature, U.S. Foundational documents, and a global perspective

    We will complete daily writings, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, literary study and analysis, test prep, and the Caldwell County Multi-Genre Research Project.



    Daily Work/Home Work/Writing 60%

    Tests/Projects 40%


     Late work policy: 50% maximum score on work submitted past the deadline

    Supplies needed: 1 marbled composition book (costs about $1 at Dollar store or Food Lion), pencil, pen, notebook paper or spiral notebook For Graduation Project: 1” or 1 ½” 3-ring binder w/clear pocket on front, clear sheet protectors, 3x5 note cards, a memory stick is strongly recommended



    Classroom Wish List: Kleenex, band-aids, paper towels


    Thank you in advance and I look forward to a great year!!  Amy Krum



    The following dates, readings, and assignments are subject to change due to time constraints:

    (Each student must choose one poet and one independent reading title—no two students may have the same.)

    August 26th—1st day of class, student data sheets, go over syllabus, expectations/procedures, Who can sign?, letter to Krum, class name/rules/goals, annotate text, writing assessment

    August 27th—Go over MGRP Requirements, spelling pre-test, writing assessment

    August 28th—Socratic seminar, writing assessment

    August 30th---Individual conferencing for GP/Laptops/Title page and thesis due

    September 3rd—Need composition books, begin grammar notes, short story to read and annotate for Wednesday, Demonstration of poetry presentation

    September 5th—Present examples of leadership, “Weekend” by Fay Weldon Socratic Seminar, go over GP title, thesis, title page

    September 10th—Contemporary Poetry Analysis:       Adrian Rice____________________________

                                                                                                    Julia Copus____________________________

    Seamus Heaney  _______________________

                                                                                                    Pablo Neruda___________________________

    September 19th—Proposals due, Visual, Works Cited/Annotated Bibliography/Laptops

    September 24th—Covers due, Laptops, Narrative essay rough drafts due

    September 25th— Post-Modern/Modern Poetry Analysis:

                                                    Dylan Thomas____________________________

                                                    Ted Hughes______________________________

                                                    Stevie Smith______________________________

                                                    Philip Larkin______________________________

                                                    Czeslaw Milosz___________________________

    September 26th—1st Log check

    October 4th—Independent Reading Presentations:   

    Brave New World____________________________

                                                                    Gawain and the Green Knight__________________

                                                                    Animal Farm________________________________

                                                                    The Alchemist_______________________________

                                                                    The Prince__________________________________

                                                                    Mein Kampf_________________________________

                                                                    The Art of War_______________________________

    October 7th—Laptops, Causal Analysis essay rough drafts due

    October 10th--Research papers due/Laptops

    October 15th—Poetry Analysis:       William Butler Yeats___________________________

    1. S. Eliot____________________________________
    2. H. Auden__________________________________

    October 21st—Present photo essays

    October 25th Log and Product Reflection Journal check

    October 29th—Poetry Analysis:

    Thomas Hardy_________________________________


                                                    Robert Browning_______________________________

                                                    Elizabeth Barrett Browning_______________________

                                                    Victor Hugo___________________________________

    November 4th—Laptops, Problem/Solution essay rough drafts due

    November 5th—Poetry Analysis:

                                                    Lord Byron_____________________________


                                                    William Blake______________________________

    November 8th—Presentations:

    Wuthering Heights________________________

    Heart of Darkness________________________


                                                                    Crying of Lot 49__________________________

                                                                    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies____________

                                                                    The Handmaid’s Tale______________________

                                                                    Phantom of the Opera_____________________

                                                                    The Lion in Winter________________________                                                     

    November 12th—Laptops, rough draft Compare/Contrast essay due

    November 13th—Poetry Analysis:

                                    Alexander Pope____________________________

                                    John Milton________________________________



    November 20th—MGRPs due

    December 3rd—Begin MGRP presentations