Dear Parent and Student,


                    I would like to take this opportunity to express how happy I am to be working with each of you during this upcoming semester.  In order to insure success in the classroom, certain rules and regulations must be followed.  The purpose of this letter is to inform you of these rules and the measures that will be taken if these policies are not followed.  I will also inform you of my grading rules and practices.

                    One of my main goals as a teacher is to encourage my students to take responsibility for his/her actions.  When we do not act responsibly in life, which includes school, we must face certain consequences.  Therefore, if any of the following is ignored or broken, punitive measures such as those set forth by the class and those in the Student Handbook will be taken.  The following are the expectations for my classroom:

    1.        Be on time.  Students not in the classroom when the last bell rings will be counted tardy and assigned After-School detention.  After the 5th tardy, students will be referred to the office.

    2.        No vulgar or abusive language.  Students using poor language will be warned, assigned After-School detention and finally referred to the office.

    3.        Be respectful.  No talking while the teacher or any other student is addressing the class.

    4.        Be prepared.  Students will be required to bring their Science Notebook and something to write with each day.

    5.        No food or drink in class.  Any of these items brought into class will be placed in the trash.

    6.        Inappropriate items (ex. iPods, CELL PHONES) found in the class will be taken, turned into the office and may not be returned until the end of the semester.

    7.        No sleeping.  Sleeping students or those with their heads down will be awakened.


    As for grading rules, students will be graded on the following areas with each area counting a fixed percentage of the final grade:

    1.        Notebook = 10% (General)                         5% (Honors)

    2.       Homework = 20% (General)                        10% (Honors)

    3.        Popquizzes = 20% (General)                       20% (Honors)

    4.        Labs/Projects = 20%(General)                    20% (Honors)

    5.        Tests = 25% (General)                 30% (Honors)

    6.       Assigned Readings= 10% (Honors only)

    7.       Parent Contact/Letters Home= 5 % (Both)

    A late assignment will be deducted 10 points for the first day it is late and 5 points for each day that has passed until it is turned in.  Popquizzes can be made up as many times as the student likes within 5 days of the quiz date with the student receiving the highest grade attained.  Tests may be retaken 1 time within 5 days of receiving the test results.  All make-up tests will be taken at a suitable time for the student and teacher.  Students who are absent must make up all classwork within 5 days of the absence.  Lab, notebook and assigned reading grades cannot be made up.  There will be no extra credit offered due to the opportunities students have to improve their grades stated above.  Students will also be required to write letters home to facilitate parent contact concerning grades/absences/assignments.

    In addition to the above rules, there are additional, unwritten rules which I will explain to the class

    that must be followed.  I will do my best to make sure that this is an enjoyable learning experience.  Your best efforts and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions regarding my class, please email at keellison@caa.k12.nc.us  (best way) or call school between 1:30 and 2:50.