• Unit A

    Preparing To Live Independently

  • Objective 1 Understand Economic Activities of Individuals and Families

    1.01 Understand responsible earning, spending, saving, and borrowing

    1.02 Understand characteristics of financial goals, steps in decision making, and factors that affect financial decisions

    Objective 2 Understand Economic Challenges of Individuals and Families

    2.01 Understand lifestyle conditions and typical incomes, needs, and expenses at various stages of life.

    2.02 Understand treats to financial security.

  • Unit B

    Preparing To Earn A Living

  • Objective 3 Understand Lifestyle Goals, Choices, and Job Search Procedures

    3.01 Classify strategies for making personal, education, and job/career choices to achieve lifestyle goals.

    3.02 Understand strategies for researching career options and comparing job offers.

    3.03 Understand procedures of a successful job search.

    Objective 4 Understand Financial Services and Forms Used in Independent Living

    4.01 Understand types of work compensation and forms used for work and income tax purposes.

    4.02 Understand services available from financial institutions and forms of payment for purchases.

  • Unit C

    Becoming A Responsible Consumer

  • Objective 5 Understand Consumer Rights, Responsibilities, and Information

    5.01 Understand rights and reponsibilities of consumers.

    5.02 Compare consumer information for food, apparel, personal hygiene, and medicinal drug products.

    Objective 6 Understand Shopping Options and Practices For Meeting Consumer Needs

    6.01 Understand basic shopping options and effective shoppying practices.

    6.02 Understand options and practices for meeting transportation needs.

    6.03 Understand options and practices for meeting housing needs.

  • Unit D

    Protecting and Managing Resources

  • Objective 7 Understand Ways To Protect Personal Family Resources

    7.01 Classify types of health and life insurance and features of types of coverage.

    7.02 Understand ways to protect personal credit.

    7.03 Understand ways to avoid identity theft.

    7.04 Exemplify persuasive methods used in advertising and sales.

    Objective 8 Apply Procedures for Managing Personal Finances

    8.01 Understand options for saving and investing.

    8.02 Understand personal financial planning.

    8.03 Apply procedures to manage personal income and expenditures.