• WELCOME TO Coach Hobbs' Weight Lifting Classes


    1. 100 points are earned for each day of class.
    2. The student earns 50 points if he / she does not dressout but does participate.
    3. The student gets "0" points if he /she does not work out. Also, the student may be sent to ISS for the period.
    4. If the student does not stay on task, points may be deducted.
    5. If the student is tardy 10 points will be deducted for the first minute and more points are deducted as time passes into the class period.
    6. If the student is absent, he / she will earn "0" points for that day.  It will be as if the student did not workout that day.  The student can make up the "0" by writing a three page report on subjects such as weight training, sports, physical fitness, and health. After seven absences the student may not make up the work the he / she missed, unless there is an agreement with the teacher because of long term illness or injury.