• Welcome to Mrs. McGarvey's web site!

    This year I will be teaching second grade with Mrs. Brakefield. On this website, I will post the homework assignments for all subjects, as well as the weekly spelling list. I will also use this website to help keep you informed of our daily activities and important dates.
  • Expectations

    In my classroom I expect : 1. Students to be on time. 2. Students to be fed and well rested. 3. All students to obey the classroom rules. 4. All homework to be done and turned in on time. 5. Students to pay attention and participate in class 6. All students to respect our classroom materials
  • Field Trips

    Our plans are to attend 2 performances at The Broyhill Civic Center and visit the Patterson Science Center for a day.
  • Grading

    Grades will be assigned on a scale of 1-4. Four exceeds expectations, 3 is meeting grade level, 2 is having some trouble, but showing progress, and 1 is needs help.
  • Homework

    Spelling - The students will receive their spelling list on Monday. Please practice the list with your child every night. We will do the Letterland activities in class. Reading - Students should read every night. We go to the library on a regular basis and I have books in my room for the students to sign out.
  • Supply List

    pencils - #2, no mechanical pencils (2) 3 ring binders, 1/2 inch crayons, 8 or 16 count glue sticks scissors 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 pencil box wedge shaped erasers headphones/earbuds thin dry erase markers 2 boxes tissues Optional items for the class - paper towels