Weekly News from Second Grade

    September 6, 2016



    We have had a great start to this year! This is the biggest class I have ever had, but they are so well behaved and follow directions. I know we will have a good year.



    AR is up and running, I have assigned the students a reading level based on testing last week and the students checked out books this morning. Their reading level may not be the same as the end of last year. I based it upon their reading test placement last week.

    Please have your child read the short books two nights in a row. Then they may test on it the following morning. Please mark in the planner that your child has read.

    If your child is reading chapter books, please have him or her read at least 5 pages each night and note that in the planner. Let us know when your child finishes the book and is ready to test.

    The goal of AR in second grade is to work up to chapter books. As the student progresses, they will move to a longer book on the same dot before they move up to a higher dot. It is OK for a student to read an easier book, but if we see that they are reading many, many short half point books when they are capable of reading

    longer books, we will direct them to the chapter books.



    Each student will also have a point goal for the nine week grading period. We will keep track of that on a chart in the room.



              I have still not organized your emails and cell phone numbers, but I will do that soon and send out a message. I update my website either on Friday or over the weekend. The spelling list is there as well as weekly activities.



              We began engineering last week with a short introduction to what an engineer is and what he/she does, and discussed how various objects have been engineered. I plan to do an engineering project every Friday, but it may end up being every other week.