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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts degree in K-6

Mrs. Dills

What a privilege to be a part of your child's education! I appreciate your support this year as we work together to help make your child successful.  

My love for teaching all started when I was in school as an elementary student myself.  I enjoyed learning and wanted everyone else to share that same passion. When I graduated from Franklin High School in 1980, I knew I would attend Mars Hill College to pursue a career in teaching others.  Four years later I had completed my college education and had earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education.  I was so excited about beginning the career that all started with my own love for learning.  

My professional teaching career didn't actually begin until a few years later, however.  I wanted to wait until both of my own children were ready to start school before taking on a full time job.  I wanted to be there to influence them.  I wanted to help develop their love for learning.  I wanted to be the one they came to with questions. I have always believed that the quality time a mom or dad is able to spend with a child at an early age makes such an impact on that child's outlook on life.  When parents take advantage of this opportunity during these young, formative years, it encourages a child's positive attitude, respect for others, and helps them to grow up to be responsible citizens in their classrooms and communities.   I knew that no one else could do a better job at developing our children's characters than my husband and me.  I will never regret my decision to parent and teach my own children first and teach others later.

Thank you for helping your child to develop great character and for all the support you have given and still give in your homes.  It makes teaching children very rewarding and pleasurable.  When parents and teachers work together as a team, children strive to do their best.  They're proud and so are we!