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    Welcome to Mr. Siers Physical Education class

  • Fitness is Fun!

  •                      Goals for Physical education class


    1. For students to particaipate in a safe enviorment.

    2. To make activities fun, exciting, and challenging  for all students.

    3. All students will have some degree of success in all activities during Physical education time.

    4. Students will be respectful to themselves and other students.

    5.   and have fun!

  • Welcome

    Hello, I am Mr. Siers. I teach physical education for all students at Dudley Shoals. I am looking forward to another year with your children. We will be working on many activities and movement skills during the year. I encourage you and your children to be active throughout the year for your good health. Please feel free to contact me if I can help with your activities.
  • activities

    Fitnessgram speedstacks field day
  • Rules for Physical education class

    1. Wear shoes for running, no open heel shoes.
    2. Wear propper clothing for vigourous activities
    3. keep hands to yourself
    4. play nice
    5. play safe
    6. listen when the teacher is talking
    7. follow directions
    8. Have fun