About Caldwell County Schools

  • The Caldwell County School System is a nationally accredited public school district enrolling nearly 12,000 students in grades PreK-12. It is the largest employer in Caldwell County, employing 1,855 educators and non-certified staff. The district includes six high schools - three traditional high schools, an alternative school, and two innovative high schools located on the campus of Caldwell Community College. Students are enrolled in 12 elementary schools, four middle schools serving grades 6-8, and four K-8 schools in the scenic areas of Caldwell County. The school district is the largest provider of educational services in Caldwell County. Additionally, the district operates the Patterson Science Center, a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Agriculture and Math (STEAM) center for grades K-12 that includes an outdoor classroom environment of 1,400 acres. The school district also operates preschool classes at nine elementary schools. During the summer break, the district offers programs for STEAM exploration, academic intervention, and a rising kindergarten program. Besides summer camp, the 5-star before and aftercare WrapAround Program is available all year to students in grades K-8 at 15 different schools.

    The Caldwell County School System embraces a diversified student body immersed in a myriad of academic studies from fine arts to advanced curricular courses to career/technical certification through virtual and/or traditional settings. Students are encouraged to learn, build positive relationships, explore their interests, and to put forth their best in the great adventure of education.

    Caldwell County Schools Mission:  To provide quality instruction in a safe, caring environment.

    Caldwell County Schools Vision:  Every student will graduate from high school, be globally competitive for work or postsecondary education, and be prepared for life in the 21st century.

    Annual Report 2018

    Caldwell County Schools Strategic Plan: The Caldwell County Schools 2018-2021 Strategic Plan outlines the school district’s goals for improvement and development over three years.