PBIS Matrix



    PBIS Points System

    **There MUST be a verbal prompt PRIOR to any point being added to the Student Discipline Matrix. ** Office-Managed offenses are handled immediately with no required verbal prompt.

    Point 1: Warning - Student Conference with Teacher

    Point 2:  Parent Contact

    Point 3:  Administrator Conference with Student:  Student will have silent lunch with written reflection in ISS and/or consequence at administrator’s discretion.

    Point 4:  ASD and Parent Contact (Email or phone call) 

    Point 5:  ISS

    Point 6:  Office Referral and Consequences with Parent and Teacher/Office Team Conference in Person (Start Tier II Interventions)

    **Matrix points 7 and up will continue to be documented on the Discipline Matrix as needed.  Administration should be notified via Office Referral Form each time a matrix point is assigned for these students.  Tier 3 Interventions begin at this point.

    **Students who receive ISS or OSS in a 9 week grading period may not participate in behavioral rewards and/or dances that occur during that grading period. Administrative approval will be required for field trips

    **Overnight trip eligibility will be determined by a committee and administration.
    **Students who are assigned ISS due to Tardies will not be assigned CICO.

    **Kids who “jump” the matrix into ISS/OSS due to a Major offense need intervention as well.  Team recommends that administration make decision with these students as to whether CICO will benefit or consult counselors for additional intervention possibilities.  Team also recommends that these students who “jump” matrix report to administration prior to return to classroom setting for a conference.