Graduation Requirements

  • Future Ready Core

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    All students need to meet the criteria of the Future Ready Core. The Future Ready Core course of study provides students with a strong academic foundation and opens the door to many possibilities upon high school graduation.  The Future Ready Core course of study prepares students for entering college and/or the workforce.  The Future Ready Core requires that students complete a fourth math course to meet the admission requirements of colleges and community colleges as well as the demand from employers for similar academic skills.  Students will be prepared for whatever option they choose upon graduation.  For students who entered high school in 2012-2013, an additional social studies course is required to graduate.  The specific course requirements are outlined in the chart below.  In addition to the course requirements, students must complete a graduation project.  Beginning with the graduating class of 2015, students must also successfully complete CPR instruction.  The Occupational Prep Course of Study will continue to be available for students who are eligible.
  • Subject  Caldwell County Future Ready Core Graduation Requirements 
    English 5 credits:  Communication Skills, English I, II, III, IV 
    Math 4 credits:  Math I, Math II, Math III, and fourth math aligned to post-high school plans
    Science 3 credits:  Earth/Environmental Science, Biology, and  physical science course
    Social Studies 3 credits for students who entered 9th grade from 2009-2010 through 2011-2012:  World History, Civics & Economics, and US History
    4 credits for students who entered 9th grade in 2012-2013 and beyond:  World History, Civics & Economics, and American History I and II or AP US History and a social studies elective 
    Health & PE 1 credit + Successful Completion of CPR Instruction (graduating class of 2015 and beyond)
    World Languages Not required for graduation. 2 credits in the same language required to meet the minimum application requirements for UNC admission.
    Other Electives 12 credits required.
    2 credits of any combination from:
    • Career & Technical Education, Arts, or World Languages

    4 credits strongly recommended (4-course concentration) from one of the following:

    • Career & Technical Education, JROTC, Arts Education, or any subject area (i.e. English, math, science, etc.) 
    Total Credits 28 credits + Completion of Graduation Project

Occupational Course of Study

  • Students with disabilities may be eligible to complete the Occupational Course of Study (OCS) in order to earn a high school diploma. This course of study provides a modified curriculum that focuses on post school employment and independent living.  Students must qualify for this program.  Please contact a school counselor or the exceptional children’s department at your child’s school for more information about this course of study.

OCS Graduation Requirements

    • OCS English I, II, III, and IV
    • OCS Introductory Mathematics, High School Math/Algebra I, and Financial Management
    • Applied Science and Biology
    • Social Studies I and II
    • Health and PE
    • 4 Career and Technical Education credits
    • 6 Occupational Prep credits
    • 900 hours in training and work hours