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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Music Education

Miss Kaitlyn Lawhorn

Kaitlyn N. Lawhorn was born in Valdese, North Carolina and raised outside of Roanoke, Virginia. After high school she moved to Alabama with her family and proceeded to attend college in Florida. She graduated from The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education in May 2018. While in college she had the unique experience to tour the east coast and much of the south with the Jazz Band, the Women's Ensemble, and the College Choir at BCF. She also led worship in churches around the area as well as getting to observe the local schools' music programs. She moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to fulfill her student teaching requirements at Woodlawn High School. 

She believes that "Every musician strives for musical excellence. It seems that it is somehow encoded into our DNA. We seek greatness and perfection. This can become a dangerous focus as an educator. Our drive should not be solely for musical eminence and our ambition should not be based on a perfect performance. As educators, we are to instill a love and a passion for music as an overall experience. Our students do not just need to know how to do it; they need to be taught why they are doing it. Each student, regardless of skill level, talent, age, gender, or socio-economic status should be taught how to create, analyze, perform, and appreciate music."

She is passionate about teaching students in local schools about the importance of music education. During her free time she enjoys cooking, performing with The Hickory Choral Society, and spending time with family.