• Our March 22, 2021 Spring Parent Night is LIVE! 


    Please complete the Parent/Student Choice Board below with your student to learn more about HMS and to be entered into a drawing for one of three $100 gift cards!  The gift card will be drawn and announced at the end of the week. 


    To be entered in the drawing, watch one video per row and complete the form for each of the activities you completed with your student.  You are, of course, free to complete more than three!


    Click this picture of the choice board to go to the LIVE choice board:

     Parent night slide


    If you and your child complete one activity from each row (across - meaning one math, one ELA, and one from the bottom row), you will be entered into a drawing to win one of three $100 gifts cards (one per each grade level 6 - 8).  Thank you to PTO for their generous donation of the gift cards!  We will announce the winners no later than 3/27.  


    During the week of 3/8, your students were sent home with a math reference book that will be used in some of the activities.  I know...  a math reference book sounds awful, but this one is not!  It is a FANTASTIC resource for our students!  Here is a link to information about the book.



    Parent Night Conference Sign-ups

    We will also have VIRTUAL parent conferences on 3/22 from 4 - 7pm.  Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request an appointment to meet virtually with your child's teaching team, STEAM teacher, specialist, counselor, etc.  

    If you need to meet with a teacher team AND a STEAM teacher, specialist, counselor, etc, please just complete the form a second or third time!

    If these times do not work for you , please contact Ms. Bailey at 728-4281 to figure out a time that will work better you.

3/22 Conference Sign-ups!