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Arrival Procedures

"What will arrival to school look like?"

Drop off begins at 7:25. The tardy bell rings at 8:00.

-Car-Masks will be required upon arrival to school unless a doctor's note has been provided previously. Temperatures will be checked before students get out of the car. Parents should roll down the window to help with the process. All students must enter through the front door. Do not drop off students at the top of or on the hill. An adult must let them out of the car. PreK parents and WrapAround Parents must park in a parking spot and escort their children to sign them in. Adults should wear a mask as well. There will be adults stationed throughout the building to help direct students, especially our kindergarteners, of where to go and remind them to social distance.

-Bus-Masks will be required before getting on the bus, one per seat (unless living in the same household). Temperatures will be checked as they enter the school.

-Breakfast - Students will eat breakfast in the classroom. Breakfast costs $1.00 unless you have applied and qualified for free or reduced cost breakfast.