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CPR Training

On Tuesday, October 9, the Biomedical Academy seniors completed a CPR training. The training is a requirement for their coursework and also a graduation requirement. It is beneficial for all students to learn how to do CPR in case of an emergency. There are many opportunities to sign up for a class to learn how to administer CPR to adults, children, and infants when it is needed. CPR needs to be performed as soon as possible if someone's heart has stopped. When blood flow or breathing stops, permanent brain damage or death could occur. Hands only CPR can keep blood circulating until emergency personnel arrives. During the training, students learned how to do chest compressions, clear the airway, and do rescue breathing to get air into their lungs.

CPR training is normally performed on a mannequin. This is a safe way to perform CPR rather than attempting on a person. During CPR training, students learn how to place their hands correctly on the chest and how much force is needed in order to succeed with keeping the blood flowing. Students are guided in the correct methods and the wrong methods with the mannequin. They can practice multiple times to gain an understanding of how to do CPR correctly.

Maliyah Watson & Daniel Mitchell