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Community Grants Awarded by Education Foundation

Students are the real winners of seven Community Ed Grants awarded today by the Education Foundation Inc. of Caldwell County totaling $15,894 as teachers from across the district expressed their gratitude and thanks to the Education Foundation for selecting and funding their grant proposals.

Below are the following Community Ed Grants awarded in the fall of 2019:

  • The Big Read: South Caldwell High School, $1,814.75, submitted by Carla Ingram, Brandy Allen Candice Malone, Amanda Chandler, Emily Hewitt, Steven Bailey, and Melissa Sullivan

A copy of Allies by Alan Gratz (centered around D-Day, June 6, 1944) for all freshmen to participate in and read together in an across-the-curriculum approach that will develop into a common language for discussion.

  • Flowering Knowledge: Not Just Beautiful, Educational! Hudson Middle School $181.76, submitted by Kent Burns, Jessica Epley, Patti Palmer, and Carla Peschel

A flower dissection experience for the entire 6th grade beginning with planting the seeds, observing their growth, and using them for dissection.

  • Building a STEAM Foundation at West Caldwell High School: $2,473.28, submitted by Tericia Eller and Teresa Craven.

Maker Space kits to introduce a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) foundation through hands-on, multi-functional experiences, so students can explore with their hands and minds.

  • Hold the Xylophone! Hudson Elementary School, $2,440, submitted by Emily Buckland

The replenishment of the xylophone inventory with new, portable ones that can be easily carried and taken throughout the school or to other venues for performances.

  • Body Detectives: Hudson Middle School, $1,485.16, submitted by Lynn Berry, Jennifer Crain, and Terry Dugger.

Science can stink when you’re dissecting pigs, but not with the assistance of Anatomy students from CCC&TI.

  • Gamification of Gateway: Gateway School, $2,500, submitted by Chad Davis

Science and social studies through the lens of Oculus Virtual Reality – look inside the human body or on the outer realms of space – take a field trip and never leave the classroom.

  • Totally Immersed: Hibriten High School, $5,000, submitted by Denise Allen

Oculus Virtual Reality equipment that allows students to become totally immersed in the details of history, in deep space, or in locations around the globe that are brought to life at school.

Since 1989, the Education Foundation has awarded nearly $400,000 in Community Ed Grants. Projects range from technological advancements to literacy to classroom enrichment projects.