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Message from the Superintendent to the Class of 2020

In these unprecedented times, we are faced with rapidly changing information and lots of uncertainty. The Caldwell County School System team members have worked tirelessly to address many of our students' needs. We realize questions and concerns will continue to arise about remote learning, online training, and other changes in education, but beyond these challenges, it saddens us that our students and adults are missing out on unique experiences - from trips to competitions to athletic events - experiences that have been lost.

As we work through this 'new' reality, it is important to our system that we make a commitment to our seniors to hold a graduation ceremony as well as prom. We can't confirm specific details, but we want to let our students know that we will make sure these events happen. We are aware that other senior activities have been postponed, and these will be rescheduled if possible.

We will forge ahead through this health crisis together, and when it's behind us, we will have acquired new skills, appreciated the simpler things in life a little more, and have strengthened the bonds that exist between families and the Caldwell County Schools.