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Site Administrators Announced for Summer Learning

School administrators will manage the continuation of educational instruction for students in grades K-12 on eight school campuses this summer. The School Extension Learning and Enrichment Program, which will start up the week following the last day of school, is a recovery and enrichment program to help mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on academically at-risk students.

Congratulations to the following site administrators:

Gamewell Elementary: Tracey Harris, Assistant Principal, Gamewell Elementary

Granite Falls Elementary: Courtney Saunders, Assistant Principal, Granite Falls Elementary

Lower Creek Elementary: Dawn Henline, Assistant Principal, West Caldwell High School

Gamewell Middle: Jennifer Dineen, Assistant Principal, Gamewell Middle

Hudson Middle: Bryn McSwain, Assitant Principal, Hudson Middle

Hibriten High: Denise Allen, Assistant Principal, Hibriten High School

South Caldwell High School: Julie Hall, Assistant Principal, South Caldwell

West Caldwell High School: Brook Cooper, Assistant Principal, West Caldwell

The summer program begins June 2 through July 2, from 8 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday, meeting the state requirements of 150 hours of instruction. 

The daily schedule for students in grades K-8 includes academic instruction in reading and math and in grades 3-8, additional science instruction incorporating STEM activities. Students will also have a period of physical activity or an enrichment activity involving art and music.

At the high school level, morning and afternoon sessions begin June 2 through July 2 at Hibriten, South Caldwell, and West Caldwell for end-of-course content in English 2, Math 1, Math 3, and Biology for students not meeting passing standards in these courses. Students may also opt to take electives in Career Management, Spanish 1 & 2, and Health and PE. Credit Recovery opportunities are available in all high schools from June through August.

During the summer learning, all students will receive a component of social emotional learning as well as free breakfast and lunch meals and accommodations for those who need transportation.

Students will be administered an academic assessment at the completion of participation. Involvement in the School Extension Learning and Enrichment Program is voluntary.