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Caldwell Online Offers Virtual Learning Option

In an effort to be responsive to the unique needs and circumstances of families, more than 450 students have opted for online learning through Caldwell Online, the school district’s virtual instructional academy for students in grades K-12.

“The virtual learning model was originally designed for students in middle and high school grades but was expanded to elementary students to accommodate recent requests due to significant spikes in COVID cases,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Katrina McEllen.

Currently, 139 elementary students are participating in Caldwell Online, which requires at least one semester of attendance. An in-person elementary classroom teacher or remote only teacher delivers instruction through a hybrid model of synchronous (live) and asynchronous lessons.

At the middle school level, four teachers are assigned to the online environment: Amy Burns, English; Anna Lee Potter, Math; Leah Rhodes, Social Studies; and Amanda Niehoff, Science. They teach all 108 students enrolled in grades 6-8. Their offices are located at the Freedman Center, and they are available for assisting students during office hours.

Caldwell Online students in grades 9-12 are enrolled in core curriculum classes (English, math, science, and social studies) taught by high school teachers through a blended virtual format of instruction. Courses are offered as well in elective areas and in PE, if adaptable to online learning parameters. Courses also include Career and College Promise and Apex Learning.

The largest enrollment group is at the high school level, where 211 students have committed to a full school year of Caldwell Online. Middle school students must also make a year-long commitment.

The criteria for Caldwell Online students include:

All students who enroll in Caldwell Online must 

  • have reliable Internet access
  • be online for classes at times specified by teachers to be counted present daily
  • have cameras on during all classes
  • have a dedicated workspace for learning and working
  • come to school for required state and district benchmark assessments 


K-5 Students 

  • must commit to a semester of online enrollment 
  • must have adult support/supervision during the regular school day hours
  • will remain enrolled in their home school and served by the teachers of that school


6-12 Students 

  • must commit to a year of online enrollment
  • should be self-motivated or have adult support/supervision during the regular school day hours
  • will remain enrolled in their home school and served by the teachers throughout the district

Students enrolled in Caldwell Online learn remotely but may be required on occasion to pick up materials from their districted school or take a district, state, or end-of-grade assessment on campus. They may participate in athletics and extracurricular activities at their districted school also; however, they must provide their own transportation to any face-to-face practices or meetings. Caldwell Online students will follow the approved traditional 2021-2022 school calendar and grading periods. The same expectations for attendance and academic rigor will apply for all Caldwell Online synchronous sessions.

For questions, contact Julie Hall, Caldwell Online Administrative Director at (828) 728-8407 or email