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Apples for American Education Week!

In recognition of American Education Week (November 15-19), the Education Foundation Inc of Caldwell County delivered baskets of apples and treats to each of the Caldwell County Schools for faculty and staff to celebrate teaching, learning, and excellence in education.

"We just appreciate having the Education Foundation and all that they do to support our students, staff, and school system," said Jeni McNulty, principal of Hudson Elementary School. "The support they give through grants, scholarships, and teacher projects as well as the thank yous along the way truly make a huge difference."

The Education Foundation Inc. of Caldwell County is a non-profit organization that supports education exclusively. It has contributed over 10 million dollars into programs for students and teachers spanning from large technology grants to simple kindnesses and humanitarian assistance for children's families. To date, the Foundation has contributed more than one million in scholarships for teachers and students and four million in funding for innovative educational grant projects.