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New Technology for Teachers in the Classroom

Digital assistants, powered by cutting edge, artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming an integral part of classroom instruction through a partnership with Merlyn Mind, the world’s first digital assistant that is designed to help teachers navigate all the technology tools at their disposal more easily and expeditiously.

“We are excited to be in this partnership with Merlyn Mind,” said Superintendent Dr. Don Phipps. “This is a win for us and the company. As we test and evaluate for product adjustments, we benefit from this innovative technology that invites new opportunities and expanded learning experiences in the classroom.”

Caldwell County Schools will be one of the first in the world to pilot these product solutions, which come as an AI hub with remote control and an AI software platform custom built for the unique needs of the learning environment. Merlyn Mind empowers teachers with voice and remote control responsiveness built specifically for the privacy and security needs of schools.

“Merlyn Mind is voice activated and works similarly to an Alexa,” said Kim Case, Innovative Coordinator. “These digital assistants have the potential to make technology more accessible for teachers while allowing them to facilitate active learning and maximize teaching.”  

The technology department began the first installment of the 53 devices this week. All schools will have at least one classroom equipped with Merlyn Mind. Students ranging from Pre-K through grades 13 will reap the benefits of having this new technology in the classroom enabling mobility and lightning-fast responsiveness to lesson content.

“Meryln allows teachers to be more engaged and responsive to student needs in the classroom,” Hudson Middle principal Katie Elliott said.  “The logistical hurdles of the modern classroom fade away when a teacher can just use their voice to seamlessly move from activity to activity. Meryln allows teachers to just teach but still enrich their lessons with rich assignments and activities provided by technology. Our teachers are thrilled at the chance to utilize Meryln to provide the best experience possible for their students.”